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Sandra’s Dream

April 11th, 2005 · No Comments

Our dear friend Sandra left for the USA today… spending a year going to school in Chicago.

We met Sandra during the Moon Festival celebration in the fall of 1999. It seems strange that we would remember so clearly some of her words from that night… “It is my dream to study in the USA!” Now her dream is coming true. We are so happy for her now and have been so encouraged by her in the time since we met. Her cheefful service of our Lord and King is in many ways a very real “dream come true” for MRS SQJ and me.

Sandra laughed and smiled her way into the life and ministry of the church… becoming a very good worship leader. She will be missed… but God has already begun to raise up others to “stand in the gap” during her time in the USA.

I don’t think Sandra even knows about this blog… but we wish her ALL the best in the USA. Go with God, dear sister.

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