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Opportunities in Mongolia

June 2nd, 2006 · 6 Comments

I just received an awesome email… it is FULL of great opportunities to grow the kingdom in Mongolia. Some of these opportunities are for a limited time… some are for a lifetime. Everything below this line is from that email…

What I want to do here is list some of the needs we saw, and thus, opportunities available to us in the west to be involved in some truly Kingdom, world-changing work.

The Church in Mongolia is only 13 years old. It has grown by about 20,000 people since last year’s report. Estimates right now are at about 50,000 Christians in a country about the size of the entire western United States, but populated by only about 2 million people. We have a very real possibility of winning this entire country to the Lord! Did you hear that? Someday, if we act now, Mongolia will be a Christian nation!!! I would like to be in on that—I hope you would too.

The missionaries in Mongolia cannot be there on a “missionary visa”, but they can openly evangelize and plant churches if they are also contributing to the welfare of the people and the development of the country. So all our missionaries there are also genuine professionals in some other area. For example, we have English teachers, agricultural professionals, animal husbandry professionals, veterinarians, doctors, nurses, engineers, economists, etc. The need is great and the field is wide open.

There is a need for long term people who are willing to make a more- or- less lifetime commitment and invest the first two years in full time language study. Long termers should have a Bible college education so they can train and equip national co-workers for reaching their own and planting churches across Mongolia. There is also a need for short term professionals and workers who can come alongside those already working in Mongolia, enhancing their work and ministries.

Here are some of the needs and opportunities we’ve seen:

There is a school for handicapped children in Erdenet, Mongolia which Kathy and I visited last week. Hope Center for Disabled Children was begun by Christian nurse from Holland, who has given her life to training, caring for, and educating these precious, but neglected kids. She needs an occupational therapist and a physical therapist to go to Mongolia for just 6 months to train her Mongolian co-workers to better care for these children. There are 500 such children in this particular area of Mongolia, but because of limited resources, at this time, the Hope Center is only able to care for 20 of these little ones. Hope Center’s annual budget at present is only $45,000. An additional $45,000 would enable them to double their capacity, caring for 40 children. They would like to build their own facility. If they can come up with the necessary $350,000, the local government will likely donate the land. Pretty good deal, I’d say. They presently rent from another agency and it is not an ideal arrangement.

Rainbow School is located in a poor area outside Erdenet, Mongolia populated by people who are moving in from the countryside by the droves. These are chiefly families who are herdsmen, but have lost their herds due to harsh weather conditions over the past few years. Rainbow School currently houses 40 of the poorest of the poor from this area. Kathy and were moved to tears when a group of 4-7 year olds stood politely before us and sang a favorite Mongolian song from their hearts. Rainbow School is staffed by the Christian community there and was funded by the Swedish government. It is a model of what can be done throughout Mongolia. For $30,000 we can duplicate it anywhere in the country and provide education for children who will otherwise never receive any education which promises them hope for the future. It speaks of the love of the Jesus to both the families of these kids and their community. Rainbow School, like other projects we saw, is love in action and the message of Christ fleshed out.

Eternal Springs is an outreach to teenagers in Mongolia. It is a unique cafe, equipped with a computer lab and library for studying, and hosts regular discipleship training for local young people. Six new youths have come to Christ so far this year through this ministry. Eternal Spring’s vision is to win and train the future leaders of Mongolia. This is exactly what we need to be doing wherever we take the Gospel!!! We were amazed at what is being accomplished by our missionaries there as we squeezed our way through their tiny storefront facility. They rent it, but really need to buy it and the adjacent storefront. All they need is $13,000 to do so. The US dollar can go a long way in Mongolia. The church in America needs to be investing more of it’s Kingdom money there and now is the time!!!

Here are a few other projects our missionaries are involved in that are creating fantastic opportunities for the Gospel in Mongolia:

Kitchen Garden Projects– the Mongolians have never eaten vegetables. Hard to imagine, I know, but it’s true. Our agricultural specialists have designed “Kitchen Garden Projects” to teach the Mongolians how to grow their own veges, how to cook them, and have a surplus for market. $4,000 can start one of these projects, complete with greenhouses and all that’s needed to grow a salad in this cold climate.

Creative Play Centers– for $20,000 we can import and construct creative play centers for schools, especially ones our missionaries are starting and local Christians are staffing. When Christians go into a community with something tangible to offer besides just a sermon, people wake up and listen. In this way we earn the right to speak. We then have the opportunity to explain why we do what we do and the love of Jesus touches and changes lives…..and community and nation-transforming churches spring up.

Steams in the Desert–is still on the drawing board of a young visionary -missionary in Mongolia named John Koehler. I met him last year and we immediately became friends. Streams in the Desert is the name of a project/facility which would house the already existing Celebrate Recovery program, an alcohol — drug rehab and life restoration organization nearly fully staffed by Christian Mongolians. Streams in the Desert would also provide a coffee house hang out for people being counseled and mentored through and out of their addictions. It would provide training in new career opportunities for rehabilitated alcoholics and drug addicts as well as ex-prostitutes. Discipleship training and other straightforward Christian teaching will happen at this center. Streams in the Desert needs to purchase or build a facility . It needs start up funds and Christians willing to come and join together as a team to lead this ministry. Sounds like something Jesus would be right in the middle of.

Youth Soccer Program– This program has been very successful already in Mongolia. It is led by an ambitious young man from Brazil who loves Jesus and loves underprivileged young people. It has been so successful that now there exist a national youth team which has been invited to Sweden this summer to participate in an international soccer tournament with participating teams from all over the world. Young Mongolians are meeting Jesus through this creative avenue of soccer. This project needs $15,000 in order to meet its budget for 2007. It is expanding to more remote areas of Mongolia later this year in order to reach young people otherwise completely overlooked and neglected.

School Dormitory Rehabilitation– Last year ******** ******** Christian Church in ********, TX contributed significantly to this project enabling our missionary ‘*******’ , in a very remote area of western Mongolia to refurbish a dilapidated dormitory for elementary age children. Children of Mongolian herdsmen must live in a dormitory in order to attend school. Their families migrate from pasture land to pasture land throughout the year, making it impossible for children to be educated unless they live at school. Dorms are the Mongolian solution. But harsh winters and lack of funds for schools have resulted in broken water pipes for the heating systems and generally rundown conditions. For $10,000 ******** can, together with her crew of Mongolian plumbers and carpenters, literally rebuild the heating systems in these schools and dorms, replacing windows and repairing facilities so these children have a warm place to live while they get the educations that promise them a better future. Thank you ******** ******** for giving warmth and hope to the children of an entire region in Mongolia. Many more schools and dorms await the transformation that our money can bring about. ******** and the local Christians, because of this project, have earned the credibility to freely share the love of Jesus with Mongolia!!!

The need is great in Mongolia…and so is the opportunity to establish the Kingdom of God in this land. We need people who are willing to go and share their expertise and their love for Jesus. We need money to accomplish the kinds of ministries I’ve just outlined for you. What our missionaries are doing in Mongolia is a model for all of us, no matter where we work or live. They’ve taken the words of the apostle John very seriously and it’s paying off. “Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue, but with actions and in truth.” (I John 3:18)

Please pass this on to anyone you think might be moved, called, or otherwise interested in furthering the Kingdom in the place Jesus must have been referring to when he talked about…”the ends of the earth”.

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  • 1 Rob S. // Jul 22, 2008 at 11:42 pm

    Dear Friends,

    I am interested in learning about opportunities to serve as a missionary in Mongolia. I am 24 yrs. old and desire to venture out in faith, but I am looking for contacts or ministries I can come to serve with in Mongolia. Are there any opportunities to serve with you, or could you possibly refer me to a ministry (like an orphanage) that I could serve with?

    Thank you & God bless,

  • 2 Ben // Oct 18, 2008 at 11:21 am

    You arrogant people are an outrage. The Mongolian people already have a superior sprituality that has served them well. The kind of dogma your trying to spread there will do them no good.

  • 3 Mr. SQJ // Oct 18, 2008 at 4:27 pm

    @Ben – Your bigotry and intolerance are an outrage, but thanks for taking time to comment.

    Is it the “caring for and educating neglected children” dogma or the “fixing the broken pipes and heaters” dogma or perhaps the seemingly innocent “alcohol and drug rehab” dogma that worries you most?

    Geez… the email I posted didn’t even emphasize westerners being involved in evangelism… but rather being involved in roles that support and encourage Mongolian Christians while meeting physical needs of all Mongolians regardless of “spirituality”.

    Personally, I’m most concerned about the engineers and animal husbandry experts. Next thing you know, the Mongolian people will be getting used to safe bridges, roads and more productive farming methods.

  • 4 munji // Sep 7, 2009 at 11:30 pm

    well i dont know what to say . cos i`m myself mongolian . but i lives in uk . i`m going to mongolia soon . realy scared what happen next

    God bless me

  • 5 Ruth // Oct 1, 2009 at 4:51 am

    I am also interested in helping in Mongolia. I’ve had a burden on my heart for the these people for a long time. I would like to work in an orphanage or in some sort of rural ministry gardening or farming. I have experience in raising animals, gardening, and caring for children. I would like to serve for a year-lifetime. Does anyone know of any available opportunities?

  • 6 Di // Oct 14, 2009 at 6:40 pm

    I was wondering if you have an Occupational Therapist on your staff? I’m a career missionary who is studying in a UK based MSc Occupational Therapy program and am interested in maybe doing my elective placement there. I have over 20 years experience working in OT as a Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant working in pediatrics and developmental disabilities. If you don’t already have an OT on staff I wouldn’t be able to do my elective clinical placement there. Can you please reply ASAP. Thank you! Di