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Entries from July 2007

10 states not reporting

July 29th, 2007 · Comments Off on 10 states not reporting

I’ve had visits from 41 of the 51 (including Washington DC) this past month… I’d like the following states to report in: Alaska Nevada Wyoming S. Dakota Minnesota Mississippi W. Virginia New Hampshire Delaware Connecticut Click the image for a larger version. The map says 42 regions but one of the regions is “not set” […]

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VBS and Sports and English Camp

July 29th, 2007 · 1 Comment

We’ve been enjoying our time with the CIY group (welcome to all the friends and family of those in the group!) and I thought I’d share a quick post about one thing they just helped with and another starting today. We held a Vacation Bible School for the kids in our community (apartment complex) last […]

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Smart enough to homeschool your kids?

July 25th, 2007 · Comments Off on Smart enough to homeschool your kids?

I’ve got TONS of links I’d like to share… but no time to really comment on them… I’ll probably be doing this more often – a link with an excerpt and little or no commentary. Suppose your child wants a special cake for her birthday. What will you do? A few moms may be practiced […]

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CIY Guest Blogger – Melisa

July 22nd, 2007 · 8 Comments

I happen to be having a magnificent time here in Taiwan! The food is delicious; my favorite is a breakfast food called danbing. Our host missionaries are unbelievably hospitable; they have four precious kids, Bethanie, Zachary, Joshua, and Mollie. We spent the first few days of our trip hanging out with them, sightseeing, and getting […]

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CIY Guest Blogger – Jordan

July 21st, 2007 · 5 Comments

Blog owner’s note: Jordan had some help on this… and also it is only a little true… don’t worry about Jordan or the other kids… all is well! –SQJ Hi my name is Jordan Wallace Stables and I really love being here in Taiwan. My team is the greatest ever. My favorite is this one […]

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CIY Guest Blogger – Amanda

July 20th, 2007 · 5 Comments

The vastness of Taiwan amazes me. From a certain vantage point in Taitong, one can see the ocean, Taitong, and the mountains. Though this small island has extremely condensed cities, numbering in the millions, the Taroko Gorge has the immeasurable beauty of a land untouched. Undoubtedly, the Taiwanese people have been blessed by God. The […]

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CIY Guest Blogger – Jess

July 19th, 2007 · 4 Comments

Who I Am and Who He Is So, when Scott asked me to type up a guest post about our short term trip for his blog, I was ecstatic! I love typing and blogging! After months of not so patiently waiting for the day my team met up, it finally happened! In Los Angeles, California, […]

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CIY Guest Bloggers

July 18th, 2007 · 3 Comments

Well… we are in Taidong… staying with Tim and Sarah Widener out in the country. I like to call it the Garden of Eden. It is so beautiful. I think I’ll ask some of this group of 15… hopefully all of them… to guest blog during their trip. I hope to start posting their entries […]

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Dying to Lead

July 17th, 2007 · 1 Comment

A couple years ago, I started looking at Harding University Graduate School of Religion. Now that I’ve been out of school for a while, I have a better idea of what I’d like to study. I’m not sure that I’ll study with HUGSR or not. But now I’m on their mailing list. Their Summer 2007 […]

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July 2007 Monthly Report Available

July 15th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Our July Monthly Report is available at this link: LINK TO NEWSLETTER There is a picture of the CIY group at CKS Memorial Hall and some news about the 2007 TMF Summer Conference and our mission’s involvement in that conference. Clicking on the image will open the PDF newsletter.

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