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Mother Teresa’s Doubt

August 28th, 2007 · 1 Comment

So some letters have been found that indicate Mother Teresa did not always feel the presence of Christ.

All this means is that she was like you and me in some ways.

John at Bikehiker has a great post as to the implications of this revelation and how it perhaps even makes her example even more powerful (if that is possible).

Go read it all… (reading time 1 minute)… but here’s an excerpt:

HOW SHE WAS ABLE TO EXPERIENCE JESUS. Mother Teresa’s experience makes her much more accessible to “ordinary” Christians, who experience such doubts and absence of “the glow” of God’s presence more than they usually admit. Knowing that a so-called “saint” struggled with the very issues that so many others grapple with is both comforting and compelling. It is compelling that after accepting this extended spiritual trauma, she bore it with grace, all the while continuing to fulfill what she perceived to be an unequivocal calling to serve the Jesus that she was not able to experience in her heart but that she was able to experience in the poor.

Her experience is good evidence that faith is better off when it is not dependent on emotion… or “the glow”, as Bikehiker puts it.

I’m sure much will be written about this revelation about Mother Teresa… probably none will be so accurate as what Bikehiker has written.

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  • 1 jason // Sep 2, 2007 at 7:02 am

    Man, it is good to know I’m normal. Whew. The deeper I go, the less I know.