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Do Cats Go to Heaven?

May 26th, 2008 · 23 Comments

I’m not even going to try and answer that one… but if you are a cat hater… you’ll want to click away now…

Our 6 year old cat, Captain (Chinese name: 隊長), was just diagnosed with stage 4 renal failure – stage 1 would be the beginning stage… stage 4 comes just before death.

It is irreversible and it is very sad.

Over the last several weeks we noticed Captain drinking more water, eating less, losing some weight… and a few other symptoms of renal failure, however, we didn’t realize they were symptoms at the time. The weather was getting warmer (a lot warmer) so it made sense that he would drink more and be less active, etc.

We took him to the vet about 2 months ago and there were no signs of this trouble. So apparently the kidney problems came on very quickly and progressed rapidly. It is extremely unusual for a 6 year old cat to have renal failure although it is common in older cats.

The kids are, of course, broken-hearted… it isn’t fair for this to happen to their beloved pet. Angie and I share their sadness.

He won’t live more than 2 more weeks at best. Our local vet recommended that we just bring him home and said that he will pass away peacefully. However, some online research seemed to indicate that the end would be quite painful and the consensus was that euthanization was recommended. When we contacted Captain’s original vet (back in Yonghe where we used to live) he concurred with what we found online.

One way or another… Captain will be gone soon…

Sad times now… here’s a couple pics from Captain’s better days…

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  • 1 Jon Ralls // May 27, 2008 at 9:50 pm

    Sorry about Captain, Scott. I’m sure it is going to be hard on all of you all. It is hard to lose a pet because they become a part of the family and the routine. Do you think you will get another cat after awhile?

    Jon Rallss last blog post..Uh…

  • 2 Mr. SQJ // May 28, 2008 at 12:40 am

    I doubt it. We probably shouldn’t have had one in the first place since my mother-in-law is allergic to cats! Actually it wasn’t part of an evil plan to keep her away… she said she probably couldn’t make the trip any longer so we didn’t think it would be a factor. However she’s been able to come over at least 3 times since then.

    Another factor in us not getting another cat is that we have our home service coming up at the end of the year and we’d have to find someone to keep the cat during our time away.

    Thanks for your concern… it really is pretty tough on all of us.

  • 3 lea // Jul 10, 2008 at 11:58 am

    My 17 year old cat “Miss Kitty” died 5 months ago from a a year long fight with kidney disease. I did everything I could to keep her alive, including giving daily injections of subQ fluids and her inability to use the litterbox. She died peacefully in her sleep in her own bed at my home. I buried her in my parent’s flowerbed in the backyard. To say I was heartbroken is an understatement. No one knows what losing a pet is like until you actually go through it. It was a huge loss and I cried for months. Finally a neighbor convinced me to get a kitten. It helped – a lot. The kitten is very different from my last cat. We have not “bonded” deeply yet, but as she is still a baby, it will take some time. I stopped by my parent’s house today and went out to the backyard to see “Miss Kitty’s” grave. I cried the whole drive back home. There are simply some things that cannot be replaced. Even if it is as simple as a long term love between a human and a cat, it was love, in the purest form.

    I hope this isn’t as hard on you as it was on me. I wish you the best.

  • 4 Conner // Aug 15, 2008 at 7:18 am

    I read your very sad message and I can relate to the pain you are going through. My cat died yesterday and it really is a pain that only other people that have animals in their family would really truly understand. My heart hurts unbearably because of the unconditional love that she showed us. She died in my arms as we were rushing her to the vet. You must be in so much pain just knowing that furry child of yours is leaving, but, I truly believe in my heart that Captain is going to heaven and when you get there your sweet cat will be there to greet you with all the love he has always shown you in its purest form. I believe this not because it makes me feel better and of course it does, but, I have always believed in “different levels of heaven”. Your beautiful Captain will be there and he is happier than he has ever been because his health will be restored. God bless you and your family.

  • 5 crystals // Dec 20, 2008 at 5:40 am

    i know what it feels to lose a freind, my cat borris died 4 months ago 08/07/08 7 after my bithday. it was hard and pianfull seing her died i’ve never cried like did when she died .i never found out why she died but iknow she left knowing how much i loved her. i knowi’ll se her again someday

  • 6 simone // Jan 12, 2009 at 1:24 am

    Hi, I know how you feel… we are so upset, our cat Troy was put to sleep yesterday. He had kidney, liver and thyroid failure. He collapsed last night and we rushed him to the vet, they said he was critically ill and the kindness thing would be to put him to sleep. He was 18 years old. Our cats Angel ^& Romeo are acting strange, wonder if they sense that his gone?! Troy was a fabulous cat, but the last 6 months or more he was very depressed and the last month he was howling! Oh well… we hope now that his at peace and on his way to heaven. ;o)

  • 7 liz // Feb 11, 2009 at 7:09 am

    I know they go to Heaven. Because GOD is the breath of ALL creation, ALL. I lost my cat last week. Today is the first day I haven’t cried. I miss him terribly. He still loved me even when he saw what I look like in the mornings. I really miss him waiting for me when I come home. I find myself still glancing to the side of the couch to see him there, out of habit and sadness. They are ALL GOD’s Creation.

  • 8 Norm // Feb 14, 2009 at 10:14 am

    Hello! I am glad I fount your post. My Kilo (orange tabby) was euthanized yesterday. He had feline Leukemia. He was an indoor/outdoor cat and probably got it from one of the fights he got into. We had decided to go ahead and put him out of his misery as he had lost LOTS of weight and had been sick on and off for some time now. I cried so much when the vet told us what was wrong. Even a day later I am still finding my self crying very much and sobbing really bad. I am glad that you realized the pain your cat would have been in if you had not done what you did. I so much did not want to put my Kilo to sleep but I know he had been in pain from his cries the day before. And to keep him alive any longer just seemed like torture. Good luck on your healing process as I am having a hard time coping without my Kilo!

  • 9 Jeff // Feb 26, 2009 at 11:55 pm

    On Monday we found out that Lenny our male had Lukemia and feline aids. We had to put him down, later that evening Pat our female kitty was attacked and killed by some roaming ass pitbull mongrels. This is the saddest time in my life ever. Pat would sit with me out back while I had my morning coffee, she was best friend, now she’s gone forever. Rest in Peace my beloved friends, You’ll be loved and cherished for ever.

  • 10 Sheba's Mommy and Daddy // Mar 30, 2009 at 11:17 am

    Sheba was euthanized a couple of hours ago (tender Vet and Tech) and we will be heartbroken forever now. That was the last loving thing we could do for our 17 old CRF Baby. We may have waited a day or three too long – but it is hard to let go. I read “it is better to be a week too early than a minute too late.” Cats had better go to Heaven as I’ll expect to find all of my ‘kids’ there when I get there one day.

  • 11 Cristi // Apr 16, 2009 at 11:57 pm

    Our cat Pudge, died last Thursday of complications from diabetes. It was really unexpected because his diabetes was getting under control, but due to the vet not really knowing anything about diabetes, we were told to give him more insulin than he should have had, and I gave him the shot that ultimately killed him. I don’t recall ever being so sad. I have lost family members before, but nothing compares to this…and nobody really understands. I am sorry for all of you that have lost your babies, but I find comfort in the fact that somebody understands how I feel. I have to believe that cats go to heaven.

  • 12 jamie // May 7, 2009 at 6:27 pm

    My himalayan cat passed away on may 5th about 3 days ago. She had kidney disease, anemia, herpes, and hypercardiomyapathy. I tried so much to keep her alive. She went through blood transfusion and a lot of medications. She was the most precious babie in my life she was 11 years old. I am so sad…I am so heartbroken I totally know how you feel. I miss her so much. I wish I can just see her once and hold her in my arms. I am so sad… I love her so very much. All she did was give unconditional love.. she was the most precious thing in the world to me. I wasn’t a cat lover until I met her. She was my babie and i miss her so much. I know your sad too but I know my babie is in heaven and since your cat went up first I hope my babie yoyo will get a warm welcome. I’m really sorry for you loss. But after reading about your cat and all the other peoples comment I have a lot of comfort. I love my babie so much. I hope she knows that. I love her with all my heart and she’ll always have a special place in my heart forever.

  • 13 Rolando // May 14, 2009 at 6:30 am

    I put my cat Vito down on January 10th of this year. He was 22 years old and I still miss him terribly. Like any proud dad, I have to say he was the best cat in the world. He had thyroid and cancer; the vet said they could stabilize him but eventually would have to remove part of his paw. I could not do that to him anymore. I stayed with him and when they gave him the first shot, he immediately fell over (on the table). The vet said he had never seen that happen which of course freaked me out. My friends tell me Vito was ready to go and must have been very weak. He received the second shot and was gone in thirty seconds. I continued to rub his belly which he loved, and his chin and then cried all the way home. Yikes, I’m tearing up now just writing this. I’m so glad I found this site. It really helps the mourning.

  • 14 Ian // Jun 4, 2009 at 5:57 pm

    On June 1st at 1.45am a speeding taxi hit my cat little Swt (a dark tortoise shell colloured girl cat) so hard it shatterd his front bumper. Swt is on facebook under Swt ward-davies please look her up.
    She raised her head twice and then went to sleep forever. Finding it so painfull to write this she was with me for nearly 10 years. my only company during the day. I have so many lovely memories of her she was beautiful. I’d look at her and blink she’d give me a long blink back to say “love you too” . I Wraped her in her paw print blanket and put her favorite mouse toy (her teddy) with her and burried her. I’ve scattered daffodill bulbs over her grave and no that when they come to flower next spring she would love to sniff them. This is like loosing a best friend a child even. Love her and always will.

  • 15 Zandra // Jun 10, 2009 at 8:08 am

    I am doing this in complete desperation that something will bring me comfort. I put my cat down last night at an emergency vet clinic. It was the most heart-wrenching thing Ive ever done. His name was Cat and he will be dearly missed.

  • 16 roger // Jun 24, 2009 at 1:49 pm

    Have a pair of beautiful black cats they are 12 and 7.Had each of them since they were 10 weeks old or so.Since i live alone,they give me excellant companions and they give me uncondition love.They are my kids also.Oreo and Isis are there names.

  • 17 yinelly // Jul 15, 2009 at 10:26 pm

    my kitty named Oreo died last night, i feel so guilty about it is killing me inside. let me tell you first of all Oreo was three months old, someone gave it to me and i accept it with all my heart. He lived in a backyard and was very sick, dirty, and hungry. I bathe him try nursing him but he just wanted to eat, so i bought food, he was eating like a pro, but had chronic Diarrhea so l took him to the vet. He had Parasites they gave him some medications and a prescribed diet food, also i had to give him for nine days a medication twice a day for nine days “which i did “. But still nine days and he still had Diarrhea all over the place, he would eat and poop while eating, he was very skinny i felt bad for the little guy, so i told my hubby that i was going to take him again to the vet because it wasnt normal, even though i had an appoinment in two weeks i wanted to go sooner and check that out.

    Well the problem is not that, i told my son he’s three years old to put him in the kitchen because we were going out and i didn’t want him to poop in the living room. He always would listen and put him in the kitchen but yesterday instead he “threw him so hard on the floor” yes real hard i felt it deep inside me something was wrong, so i check up on the kitty and there he was “lying sideways on the floor” so i pick him up trying to put him up straight but yet he couldnt, right then and there i knew something was wrong a bone, something… he was alive but very weak, i stared to cry tried feeding him but he just could’nt. when my husband came i told him what had happen and i picked him up again to show him i taught a bone , a leg something was not right cuz he wouldnt stand up straight, but instead it was his head, i think he must a crack something because the problem was his head it wouldnt be still, so i put him on a blanket, pettting him taling to him telling him i was going to help him and the next day we would go to the vet.. but unfortunately he died one hour later. =^._.^=
    only god knows i was going to do everything that would make my oreo feel better and be well.. i couldnt sleep last night just thinking about it, he died right in my eyes i was in total shock never seen such a thing before. i saw him taking a deep breath then moved his tiny legs, i thought he was recuperating when i saw him moving but instead he died… is my guilt ill keep with me all my life..

    this morning my son woke up screaming and calling him….. OREO WHERE R U ?
    OREO, OREO i was crying just listening to my son
    how can i tell my 3yo son what happend to oreo, and what he did was wrong that leads to this cause?

    Oreo you were so cute and i will miss you a whole lot :0) i luv u lil guy you were so funnny, and only GOD KNOWS I WAS WILLING TO KEEP UP YOUR TREATMENT BUT I GUESS YOU HAD TO GO….

  • 18 sami // Aug 13, 2009 at 11:08 pm

    My gokmo passed away yesterday. It was so fast and painful. I didn’t know how much I loved him until he closed his eyes for the last time. I know there is god and I know he is mercyful. I hope my Gokmo is sleeping in peace now.

  • 19 Lyn // Sep 14, 2009 at 5:13 pm

    Our 6-year old beautiful – handsome mixed Turkish Angora named Artimes died this morning. He was just

    happy and playful the night before and we could not figure out what could have caused his death. He was

    an indoor cat but he liked to sleep in the porch especially when it is warm. We were wondering why he

    did not come in the morning to greet us and asked for his usual breakfast so we checked the porch and

    thought he was just sleeping and so we went to wake him up, touched him and he was stiff. It was quite

    traumatic and shocking. We brought him to the vet just to check what could have caused his death and the

    vet said it could have been feline cardiomyopathy which could be common to Himalayan cats. We did not

    expect this and so our family is devastated. He was always at the door to greet us everytime we come

    home. He was always comforting and caring when we are sick or not feeling well. He seems to know what

    is going on with our lives some type of instinct that he could tell when we are feeling sad. We do not

    know how we are going to handle this extreme shock, hurt and sadness and don’t know if it will ever go

    away. We are feeling guilty even though we took good care of him and made sure he always had food to

    eat, clean water, a nice warm/cool place to sleep, brushed his fur, and bought him toys but we still

    think we could have done more for him while he was still with us. He was such a good pet and he was

    never a problem to us. We know we are going to miss him for a long long time.

  • 20 Sean // Sep 18, 2009 at 7:56 am

    Hey Mr. SQJ. I wanted to say thank you. My cat just died today. His name was chowder and he was 16 years old. I believe he died of kidney diseise because he had the same symptoms, drinking plenty, eating less, and loosing weight. I am a college student so i had no money to take him to the vet. My fiancee sat with him all day today and he passed in her arms.

    The pain I’m in is indescribable. However, after reading many of the stories on here, your experience, and the trials and tribulations we all must face as pet owners i don’t feel as alone anymore. I had 16 AMAZING years with Chowder and I pray wherever the afterlife takes him he may find peace. I pray for the best with you and your children as well. May mercy shine upon you and yours; as well as to all whom feel the pain we feel!

  • 21 kylie // Sep 19, 2009 at 7:44 pm

    We had to put our four year old Spaz asleep 3 days ago. He had feline urinary tract disease. His bladder had built up crystals and bladder stones and his ureatra was completley obstructed. He was not able to urinate for about a week. I could tell he was in horrible pain. I took him to the vet and they said they could keep him over night and put a catheder in him to drain everything out and flush his system. If that didn’t work they would need to do surgery. The bill was very large. We couldn’t afford much, and our only other option was to put him to sleep. The vet said even if we did do the catheder the urinary tract would likely come back. So we took him to the humane society and had him eauthenized and cremated. We are still waiting for the remains. I am SO crushed. Spaz was my baby. I still hear him, see him, feel him rubbing up against my legs. It is most difficult at night for me because when my one year old goes to bed it was normally “our” cuddle time. I feel like I gave up on Spaz because we couldn’t afford the treatment. But I was reading online and the cat has 35 hours to live until his body shuts down when his ureathra is totally blocked like his was. I can’t believe he is gone, I keep hoping that this is all a bad dream and I will wake up and he will be purring in my arms. I guess I will see him again someday.

  • 22 Andrea // Oct 9, 2009 at 8:23 am

    My dear loved Skweekie aka “moo moo” died yesterday morning in her sleep. I came downstairs to go to class (i’m in my last semester of college and live with my fiance) she was sleeping on my clean laundry in her favorite chair, I went to pet her and she was stiff and cold. I can’t stop crying, I’m hyperventalating as we speak…she was almost 11 (Next month) and I havent had a day without her since I got her. I snuck her into many apartments in my time…I’m absolutely sick over her…sick. I hope pets go to heaven because she is my baby, my child, my lifeline, my best friend…I want to see her again so bad, I wish she would have known if she was going at least she could’ve warned me somehow, I didn’t get to say goodbye and look into her beautiful green eyes, rub her chin and her belly…

  • 23 farah // Oct 26, 2009 at 12:30 am

    My baby dad yesterday, he fell from the 6th floor. he used to sleep with me, eat with me.i used to take him everywhere i go, he was my only true friend. now it seems impossible for me to live without him. we buried him last night , i buried with him one of my favorites green earings, he used to love it.
    everythin in my house reminds me of him.
    he was 8 month old, an angel, everybody used to love him.he used to purr every single minute. i felt his love for me.he fell on the top of the building entry. we couldnt get him down easily.he was still breathing.he was in pain, and i couldnt do anything, he died instantly.
    i cant take off my mind the image of him laying down, i was 6 floors above him i screamed his name, he looked at me, and moved, as if he was telling me that he was okay, just come rescue me!
    i feel terrible, i donno if time will heal this pain.
    my sweet baby, i wish i could cuddle u one more time… i love u