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Finishing up the New Year’s Candy

February 20th, 2008 · 1 Comment

A personal favorite… PEANY CANDY! All that peany goodness in one small sweet package. The New Year holiday officially ends tomorrow with the Lantern Festival. We hope to go join in some of the festivities tonight and if we do… and if it doesn’t rain… we might have some pics of that. Back to my […]

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Sweet Shades

January 13th, 2008 · 1 Comment

I was flying through some emails… watching GOD TV (for the first time ever) via TVU Networks… and saw some of The Logan Show. Kevin Max was on singing Elvis and he was really good… but the best part was definitely the shades… See? Told ya… pretty sweet. I won’t sing Karaoke again until I […]

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BREAKING: Weirton, WV now has internet access!

December 8th, 2007 · 3 Comments

A few weeks ago I wondered if WV had internet access. At least Wierton does. To the visitor from Weirton, I don’t know who you were… but if you come back and leave a comment, I’ll send you a present as I mentioned in the original post. Seriously! NOTE: I love WV and *know* y’all […]

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Mr. Splashy Pants

November 27th, 2007 · 3 Comments

Please my dear friends… just do me this ONE favor. Apparently Greenpeace has adopted a whale and they are choosing a name for it with an internet vote. There are 30 possible choices… 29 of them are things like: Kigai – means ‘strong spirit’ in Japanese Sedna – is the name of the Innuit goddess […]

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Does West Virginia have Internet access?

November 20th, 2007 · 4 Comments

So far this year… the only state with ZERO visitors to my blog is West Virginia. I’m kinda OCD so if someone has a friend who lives in WV, would you please ask them to visit this blog? If they leave a comment it is even likely that I’d send them a thank you gift […]

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If you are looking for a job…

October 23rd, 2007 · 1 Comment

here are some that seem cool to me. College Coach (not the kind you think)This lady gets US$40,000 to work with your kid through junior and senior high school to get them into whatever prestigious university you want them to attend. I’ll do it for half that price if anyone is interested email me. (hattip: […]

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I thought I knew this guy from somewhere

September 25th, 2007 · 4 Comments

The other day, Jon posted a cool picture of himself with his new glasses… I’ve been trying to figure out who he looked like ever since then… Today… Thanks to the season premier of Heroes, I remembered! Horn-Rimmed Glasses Guy (HRG) Yeah I know HRG (Horn Rimmed Glasses Guy) isn’t an exact match with Jon […]

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