Church Planting

Like a farmer plants seeds?

Actually... our method of church planting is very similar to planting seeds in the natural world.

forest (16K)

Think about how trees grow in a forest...


... think about a wild grove of fruit trees

dandelion (8K)

The forests and groves grow naturally... and they are:

Those are the same attributes we want to see in new churches in Taiwan.

The Method

A Church Planting Movement (CPM)

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Cell Churches

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Our Roles

We think our work here generally falls into one of these 3 roles:

We desire that all people know of the love of God. We believe the greatest way to reach millions of people is through a "Church Planting Movement". We share the gospel with as many people as possible. These new believers are encouraged to meet regularly with a local congregation. We do not consider evangelism a part of our "job". Evangelism is the primary responsibility of each believer.
Since we desire that the church in Taiwan have a distinctly Taiwanese and Chinese flavor, we always seek ways to serve which will allow our local brothers and sisters to focus more on building up the local church.
We are still learning new things each day... from God's Word... from God's world... and from God's people. The fact that we do not already know EVERYTHING does not mean we cannot passionately teach about things we have been fortunate enough to have learned on our journey. We desire to teach in a variety of settings and with as many people as will listen!

Resources - For More Information

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