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In Taiwan

Team Expansion Missionaries

We are missionaries with Team Expansion, a missionary sending organization based in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. All Team Expansion missionaries are direct-support missionaries. They have to raise their support on a family-by-family basis... and a unique and specially trained Forwarding Agent receives gifts on behalf of the organization for each respective family.

7 Things About Team Expansion Missionaries

  1. Will work exclusively among the unreached
  2. Will be planting churches
  3. Will work in teams
  4. Will be receptive to coaching by experts from the outside
  5. Will strive to be a light, not a judge; a model, not a critic
  6. Will report monthly to supporters
  7. Will hold to a firm biblical orientation

Team Expansion's Vision

"Team Expansion exists to partner with local churches to send and sustain teams of interdependent missionaries to plant indigenous churches among unreached people groups worldwide."

We're in the business of planting churches among the unreached.
Everything we think, do and say better have that goal as its ultimate end.

Regardless of the specific method or strategy... matter what we do, it is all about church planting.

Why new congregations?

  1. Because it appears that is what Paul did, alongside of those who helped him.
  2. Missiologists today say that it is still the most effective way to win true disciples to the Lord.
  3. We have other fields to harvest. We want to plant churches that can reproduce churches, so that local believers there will be able to continue with the work when our team of missionaries moves on to another unreached group.

For more info about Team Expansion:

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